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Default Re: Autoimmune disorder in cats - advice needed!

Dear Lynie,

I'm so sorry about Coco! I don't have any first-hand experience to share, nor specific hints, but I can send you in a couple of directions which may or may not be helpful...

I don't know what vet you normally use, but you might try getting in touch with Dr. Jon at the Ampang clinic. (I think his PF ID is Pandorasbox something or other.) He mentioned in a message to me that he has had good results for various ailments using alternative therapies.

Also, Alicia wrote on the Pet Epicure blog a while back that she had hosted a session with a woman who does Reiki healing for cats. The woman works as a team with her husband, who is a retired vet. You can probably get more info on that by looking back through the blog posts or calling Alicia.

Can any of these alternative therapies help? Who knows, but at least they are unlikely to do any harm, unlike the pharmaceuticals over extended times. How frustrating, trying to deal with such a nebulous problem! Best of luck to you and Coco...
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