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Default Re: Autoimmune disorder in cats - advice needed!

Originally Posted by sillylupie View Post
Lynie, I am so sorry to hear about Coco.

The use of steroids (i.e prednisolone) in human is not only for symptomatic relief but also for maintenance and control of auto-immune disorder. (I guess it applies for cats too?).

Coco's condition sounds more like inflammation of tissue and allergies, skins, treatment of antibiotic and steroids (prednisolone) are to cover two possible bacterial and also auto-immune caused inflammation.
Did the vet prescribed any anti-histamine? It can calm and reduce itchiness.
Are her organs (blood, kidney, liver ...) involved?

In human (I believe cats too), autoimmune is normally controlled and managed using steroid. Once the symptons improved or condition is no longer active (remission), its dosage will be tapered down to the lowest possible as maintenance dosage.

Also, it is very possible that the condition will go under remission with proper management.

Lynie, don't worry too much. Cat can sense when human is worried, and they in turn will worry too! (Stress/worry is a big trigger to autoimmune condition!)
Always remember, Cats are very resilient animal, they've got 9 lives!

yeah my vet gave antibiotics and steroids and stuff to help with coco's itchiness and swelling.. also got some topical ointment to apply on the scaly, crusty parts. can't do anything about the lost teeth though.. just try to prevent more from falling out..

the problem with the steroids though is that taken long-term, they can cause kidney and liver damage.. and weaken the immune system more. i really don't want this to happen.. it sucks!! i can't win!! also, giving coco medication is a nightmare. she is not like my other pets at all.. she is an aggressive, ill-tempered kitty.. very difficult to handle and she is not afraid to hurt you, well me... hahaaha. i'm afraid she's going to rip out one of my eyeballs soon, or i may lose a finger or two.

i'm not sure about her organs.. we have to do more testing.. i'll try not to stress, hopefully she will go into remission. how do i build up madame cranky's immune system and keep her calm and happy? its difficult with 5 other cats in the house right now and 3 dogs.. she hates them all.
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