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Default Re: DIY Recycle Paper Cat Litter

Originally Posted by shareen_natasha View Post
Kak Bareen,

Juz want 2 say,

to be my DIY Sifu....
It's very helpful... smpi Che Rokiah g masuk uk2 dlm tong yg ada all da result yg sha dah wat dgn kpayahan.... waaaaaaaa...............
I thinx dia jeles kt Si KJ, coz cat litter tu utk KJ. Che Rokiah sbnrnya dh toilet train sdrik.......
Errr Sha.. just to remind you.. it should be ABANG BAREEN not KAK BAREEN
sis dah terkena dah hehehe.. dan pembetulan pun dah dibuat.. Kang marah sifu kang hehe
The way you handle the problem that matters most not the quantity of problem solved.. (
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