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Default Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Petfinder members,
YOU CAN DO IT, Don't let other's breed for greed. Say no to Backyard breeder.
It is THIS sector of the community that needs to be educated.
Campaign Object Backyard breeder with Pet Shop
Petfinder members, we need give educated to public no go support those Pet shop have concern business with Backyard breeder.

The truth is those animals come from accidental or unlicensed backyard breeders, who sell puppies and kitten through local pet shop.
There are no safeguards or checks on the health of either parent animals or their offspring which is why we believe Malaysia needs a campaign to stop backyard breeders.

We know that there are many wonderful Pet Shop owners out there that don't sell animals, and others that put animals from rescue centres in their windows to find homes for them. These are NOT the ones perpetuating the problem. We encourage you to support ONLY these Pet Shops by buying all your pet accessories from them and telling all your friends and family to do the same.

Our campaign is to stop the over breeding of thousands of animals by puppy and kitten farms and backyard breeders and put them out of business. Unfortunately they do trade through many Pet Shops, so Pet Shops have become a big part of the problem. We certainly recognise that Pet Shops are not the only cause of the problem. But however you look at it, there are too many animals bred and not enough homes for them all. That's why so many are euthanased every year. ANYTHING we can do to stop excessive breeding and impulse selling will reduce the numbers killed. Animals should not be bred for profit only to end up being killed when the money has been made.

Pet stores that sell dogs and/or cats are:
Supporting pet mills.
Contributing to pet overpopulation.
Encouraging impulse buys.
Cheating customers.
Abusing animals.

NEVER buy a puppy or kitten from a pet store. There are thousands of dogs and cats already in need of homes. Do the right thing and adopt from local shelters. You can find the perfect pet for you by visiting
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