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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Come to think of it, DIMB, I think a lot of the dogs selling here are not bred by our BYBs here but are actually smuggled across the border and sold here to meet our demand (and the demand IS very good and lucrative).

They are so cheap and beautiful across the border, it is more profitable sourcing from there than breeding over here although we also have our BYBs operating here.

Walk around town and you see stickers advertising dogs and puppies for sale beside all the Ah Long stickers on tiangs, walls, pavements, everywhere ...

It is a very, very glaring indication of the whole sad situation.
"We organized in the past to make Trap-Neuter-Return possible. Today, we organize to make Trap-Neuter-Return the norm and to end the unnecessary killing of cats in animal shelters across the country and provide humane care." - Alley Cat Allies
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