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Thumbs up Lim rescues 70 dogs in five years

I truly admire her!!!!!

this are the people that really amazed me..............

article extracted from Star online

Lim rescues 70 dogs in five years

JOHOR BARU: Sarah Lim holds a senior position in a financial institution. But money is not all she thinks about. When she is free, she drives around neighbourhoods looking for stray dogs.

The 36-year-old then bundles them into her car and takes them to her makeshift dog shelter, which is actually a sewerage treatment plant. She then puts them up for adoption.

I have in the past five years rescued more than 70 puppies and dogs. I believe that dogs have the right to a decent life, too, Lim said, adding that most of the dogs she picked up were mongrels.

Recalling the time when she first started taking in the strays, Lim said a relative informed her in 2004 that there were several stray dogs in abandoned buildings in Permas Jaya.

I went to check out one of these premises and found nine puppies and seven dogs there.
Dogs best friend: Lim with some of the dogs at the makeshift shelter in Johor yesterday.

Many were without food and this broke my heart, she said. Lim said she would send the animals to a veterinarian for a thorough medical check up and have the female dogs spayed.

Besides keeping the strays at the shelter, Lim has three at her house, too. Lim has two workers to help her out. I also have a veterinarian who charges me a reasonable fee whenever I bring the dogs for treatment.

Asked why she did not leave the animals with NGOs dealing in dogs, Lim said she could provide them with a better home as they had more space to run around.

She said she was looking for a piece of land where she could carry out her mission more effectively.

Those interested in adopting a dog can contact Lim at 016-7050328.
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