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Default Re: Lim rescues 70 dogs in five years

Originally Posted by mandychee View Post
Kudos to people like Lim, being proactive and not just all talk and no act. This girl Proves the real meaning or GIRL POWER!!! For the rest out there, it doesn't matter where you are, you can always make a difference by rescuing strays and send them to a vet to get them neutered and release. At least, they have a chance to live and through this we can lessen hundreds and even thousands or unwanted births. Way to go girl, you're our inspiration!!
yes!yes!i totally agree!we can start by rescuing strays,neuter them and release.if each people(1 person in each household) neuter 1 stray,in no time the number of strays will be beginning no need to take in so much..enough by taking 1 strays per month or per 2 month(depends on everybody preference).at least we help reducing unwanted birth. if peoples can spend so much on branded items(1 guess purse cost rm2oo++ wokey!),y cannot spend less than hundred to help these strays?
lim, and others rescuer(kak june,FK..etc..etc..) here,really inspire me to do this thing.

err..maybe our government can launch this sort of campaign.trap-neuter-release?

p/s:just my own opinion tho.
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