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Originally Posted by dog is my buddy View Post
Hi there,
Thank you for more discuss about independent pet rescuers. 'Doesn't a no kill shelter have to kill when all the cages are full? No-kill requires a collaboration between public and independent pet rescuers.
you can see my donation by public until no 4. That is the respond by public at the moment.
Oh yes, DIMB, some no-kill shelters are actually kill-shelters too. But I think what distraughts some people is the fact that they are not told upfront and accurately what is going to happen to the rescued animals they bring in. According to some testimonials, these people say that they would have looked at other options if only they know the truth. But they had been assured that the animals would be kept for 1 week or so.

Very sad lehhhh ... because some of these people actually went back to retrieve the animals (some even just one or two days later) and were told that the animals had been killed already.
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