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Who are you to defame SPCA kill 90% animals ? My freind told me her white dog that was boarded in FFF, was put down as per the founder advice . Reason being it was difficult to rehome the dog as it was fierce. We were appalled by her proposal as the dog was neutered, vacinnated by giving a clean bill of health.

Many dogs died in the old FFF farm due to outbreak of virus and no separation between the sick and healthy nor sent them to the vet for immediate vaccination. Many innocent dogs died and were buried under ground in the old farm. So, don't you think indirectly FFF is a killed shelter too ?

Recently , FFF founder bought a piece of land in Sri Kundang by using the public donation (mainly from overseas) that was meant to help the Ketam strays. Now FFF has a new neautiful farm on the new piece of land. Make a trip to P.Ketam and open your two evil eyes widely , there are still many stray dogs in P.Ketam. SPCA has conducted TWO mass neutering program for Ketam strays.
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