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Default Re: Maximum dog per house

Hi! The question was posted long ago, I am not sure if you still need the answer.

But am replying anyway, in case there are other dog owners looking for the same info ...

If you stay in the area governed by MBPJ, the requirements are as follows (based on info I received in Dec 2014):
- 1 dog is allowed in a house no more than 3,000 square feet; 2 dogs if house is more than 3,000 sq ft; no dogs in apt/condo
- Each dog is supposed to have its own tag
- All dogs that are outside their premises have to wear the tags, be on leash, & be pulled by owner. Any dogs found unaccompanied in streets could be caught, EVEN IF IT IS WEARING A TAG - and could be DESTROYED if not collected after 7 days!

For confirmation on such info, the best is to check with the respective local council (for example, you can call MBPJ and ask to be transferred to the dept that handles Lesen Anjing). They would have the most accurate and updated info, not us fellow netters.

For those owners afraid that you have more dogs than a council allows, therefore hesitant to call council for info, no worries. You don't have to tell them how many dogs you have, just ask them factually what are their rules & regulations. I doubt that council people will trace your call and ambush your house after that
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