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Default Re: Resolution of Dispute - Kyzoor's Cats

Dear Administrator.....

Please be informed that I have been in close contact with Kyzoor for quite sometime and found that his stories does not match at most times but did not bother to query him as I knew it was a lie.

First of all when his cats started dying, Kyzoor informed me that Dr. Teoh had made a physical check up of his cats Mukreez and another stray cat named Calico. Upon checking, it was confirmed by Dr. Teoh that Calico was suffering from 'Feline Parvo Virus' and also severe ulcers in her mouth which Dr. Teoh could not ascertain as it was not one of the symtoms for 'Feline Parvo Virus'. Kyzoor claimed that Dr. Teoh would be doing a test to confirm if his cats died of poisoning. Then a few days later Kyzoor informed me and Kak Hani that Dr. Teoh confirmed that his cats died not because of viral infection but because of poisoning. He also claimed that his sister who is a vet and is practicing in Sunway said that his cats died of poisoning as he had sent one of his cat for a post mortem at UPM. But when I was in conversation with Dr. Teoh I asked him if he tested Kyzoor's cats for poisoning.... Dr. Teoh replied that Kyzoor NEVER asked him to do a test for poisioning as he had asked his sister (the vet) to do it. So it is concluded that he clearly lied to me saying that Dr. Teoh did a test when there was no test whatsover conducted for poisoining by Dr. Teoh. There was never proof that he sent his cat to UPM as I requested for a copy of the report however he told me that I had to pay RM270.00 for it if I wanted a copy of the report. When questioned him, he said he could not reach his sister as she switched off her hp (what a coincidence, don't you think ). But then again... if he could not reach her on the mobile I am sure he can reach his sister at her clinic in Sunway. The rest is up to you to think. I can get testimonial from Dr. Teoh about his cats, the sickness and report if any.

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