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Default Re: Resolution of Dispute - Kyzoor's Cats


Thanks for raising the points. If any others have questions or ambiguities, please list them out here. Let's give Kyzoor a chance to respond and clear up the air.


We would appreciate it if you can clarify on the points Felix raised, and explain in detail the whole sequence of events and misunderstandings if any. If there are indeed things you told previously that are not completely truthful, please reveal the truth in its entirety. We are not here to incriminate or condemn you, but to work out a proper solution for the welfare of animals and to put this matter to rest with a satisfactory conclusion for everyone.

If we continue to cover up one lie with another, it would only make matters worse, and this dispute would be never-ending as people seek to investigate into every single point. Everybody makes mistakes and learn from it. Matters can often be resolved much easier if we lay out all the facts truthfully and analyze them objectively.

Most importantly, please proceed to conduct the checkups and share with us the documentation as agreed upon.