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Default Re: Resolution of Dispute - Kyzoor's Cats


First... your cats started dying from 7th July 2010 (Wednesday) and not 3rd July 2010. I clearly remember the date.

Secondly... the stray cats in your care were not vacinated because you personally informed me. Only your own cats Fifi, Fafa and Mimi were vacinated. The new cats in your house is not vacinated because Dr. Teoh wants you to monitor their condition.

Thirdly... I have the sms you sent to me stating that you lost 30 cats compared to one cat which I lost. I have proof of the sms. So are you implying that AGAIN you are lying?

Cats that died :-

1. Fafa
2. Fifi
3. Royal
4. Lucia
5. Dyesebel
6. Belang
7. Putih
8. Mummy
9. Tompok
10. Tomei
11. Sasuke
12. Calico
13. Rapunzel
14. Snowie
15. Blackwood
16. Orange Stray

This is what I know...... (not sure of others as he had not informed me)

Why did you want to sell your cat tree knowingly that your cats having viral infection. If some inocent buyer buys your cat tree and brings it home and then their cats died because of contracting 'Feline Parvo Virus'... would you be responsible?

The cats with you are NEW cats which you took in on :-

9th July 2010 - 4 cats from Ajak's sister house (one you gave me which died without no whatsoever reasons)
10th July 2010 - 2 cats from a PF member
16th July 2010 - 5 cats which you claimed is your sister's cats
and in between one or two strays...

All the cats above are not VACINATED yes. We are not refering to these cats. We are refering to the cats that DIED. Those cats were not VACINATED. Please don't differ from the story.

Yes, I called you on the morning of 12th July 2010 asking you to be careful but after informing you... you were the one who decided to PTS your cats in order to solve the problem. And yes, I did call you from 10.00 am onwards because I was UPSET that you wanted to take DRASTIC actions to PTS your cats rather than send them to the vet for check up!

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