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Default Re: Resolution of Dispute - Kyzoor's Cats

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post

First... your cats started dying from 7th July 2010 (Wednesday) and not 3rd July 2010. I clearly remember the date.

Secondly... the stray cats in your care were not vacinated because you personally informed me. Only your own cats Fifi, Fafa and Mimi were vacinated. The new cats in your house is not vacinated because Dr. Teoh wants you to monitor their condition.

Thirdly... I have the sms you sent to me stating that you lost 30 cats compared to one cat which I lost. I have proof of the sms. So are you implying that AGAIN you are lying?

6th-8th July 2010

i lost 14 cats dan bukannya 30EKOR kucing macam yang digembar gemburkan...... sebab tue better tanya sendiri dari tau dari orang lain. kucing mati berturut2 dalam 3 hari tersebut tanpa diketahui.... namun on Friday 9th July 2010 Wan bawa pegi Vet and bersaksikan my own housemate..... Dr Teoh menyatakan bila 1st dia buat check yang one of my cats ada suspect virus...... but bila check again for the 2nd time its more to poisoning...... kalau kata tak bawa pegi vet i think orang yang contact trus dengan doktor teoh tau either i never care about more jgn buat tuduhan bila tak tahu kenapa wan tak vaksin kan semua yang baru nie and hope semua disini memang pakar, on that time jugak bila wan nak vaksin DOKTOR TEOH TAK BENARKAN VAKSIN ANY CAT AT MY HOUSE UNTIL 2 WEEKS BARU BOLEH VAKSIN N SEDANGKAN YANG WAN NAK VAKSIN KAN ADALAH BATCH BARU N YANG BATCH LAMA TINGGAL 4 EKOR. KALAU NAK KIRA 2 WEEKS ADALAH DARI 9TH JULY 2010 UNTIL 23RD JULY 2010, thats the reason any of u bagitau i tak vaksin kucing...... yes they are really new at home n new after that incident. one more sepanjang check at Dr teoh.... samada stray or my own cat tak sekali pun Dr Teoh jumpa kutu walau seekor...... mungkin tue belum cukup bertanggungjawab........ the reason that im just quiet from a report at my sis because i never want to bother a big issue than this...... apa2 i still left a few of my kible at home that i never use n anyone offer to do for lab test wat is the ingredients? i still keep a few kilo..... May i know wat is happpening if too much acid ingridients in the food? wat happen to H20 n mineral inside the kitten body n maybe imune for Cats that is almost call stray..... coz yang tinggal adalah 4 ekor strays.

Please read carefully...... kucing melinda siblings to mukhreez tue mati on 3rd July waktu time ambik romeo n juliet....... PLEASE OK TO READ CAREFULLY

30 ekor kucing yang disebut tue untuk melihat dari segi psikologi minded apa yang akan berlaku coz i didnt mention to others but suddenly org lain yang inform benda.... from they i know wat kind of communicate is that.....