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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Originally Posted by Coony View Post
First of all this is what happen when you send your pet to a witch doctor to do the spaying. I always believe all veterinary job shud be done by a qualify vet. A pet shop shud focus on their retailing & a vet to his professional veterinary service.

I think this forum member shud expose this so call kitty mill cum veterinary to prevent other innocent ppl into sending their poor pets to maybe their last journey to the so call vet.

Without fear or favour, I am posting this out of my experience...

This is my story .... a "copy and paste" out of an email I sent to a concerned forum member, maybe a little edit here and there ...


I sent Garlic to Pakcu on 1-May-09 for spaying ... yes, it was a promotion rate of RM 90 ... I thought, why not, it should be better since it is considered a "private" vet .

TIGER had a bad experience in Klinik Kembiri, that resulted in me forking out another RM 150 to fix, so I said to myself, aiya, send GARLIC to private - it should be better, wanted to send ONION there too but I thought I'd just see how it goes with GARLIC before deciding. At first, I was told that I should be able to pick her up on Friday (1-May-09) evening. However, I received a phone call in the afternoon that the VET can only fix her in the evening, so I can only take her home on Sat - he will call me.
(So, I end up sending ONION to SPCA-Kembiri on Saturday as I have no idea how GARLIC was doing.)

On Saturday he called and said he had a family emergency, so, I can only get GARLIC home on Sunday. We picked her up on Sunday morning, when I got home I was so shocked to see her sutures! It was long and rough (in my simple opinion). Reminds me of the job of a vet assistant in my hometown who charges rm30! This is rm90 I paid! I didn't have a good feeling but was praying that it will be okay!

3-May-09, I sms'ed' and told him that the wound looks wet and if the thread need to be removed? (because it doesn't look like the one that would dissolve itself.) - He said need not remove, leave it for 2 days not to worry.

So, I waited ....

7-May-09 (morning) I sms'ed' him and said "Garlic's wound dont look good. A bit reddish and open at the end"
He replied and said it is normal, that reddish is caused by GARLIC licking her wound. Asked that I apply yellow lotion and medic collar. I did just that...
7-May-09 (evening) I sms'ed' him and said wound don't look normal. He said he will ask vet ...

I waited... waited.... nothing...
In the evening, I asked hubby to send GARLIC to Baby Pets but unfortunately, they were closed. This is on the 8-May-09.

9-May-09, I sms'ed in the morning saying that GARLIC is not getting better and what did the vet said. He said he will get the vet to call me in the afternoon. The vet called and asked that I send GARLIC in to Pakcu again ... which I did in the evening.

Sun, Mon ... no news, so I called the vet and he said has to board GARLIC for 5 days and put her on anti-biotic ... (and rm165!!) ... I relented and hope for the best! Tues, Wed, Thurs ... still no news, I be tahan, called Pakcu, he didn't answer, so sms'ed' him and ask about GARLIC ... so he replied and said need to cage for another "week"!!! I cannot tahan and say I want to see the vet, so... I demand to know the vet clinic and pick her up myself .... guess where it was ? In Shah Alam, Imadi Pet Clinic - was shocked at the mass breeding of cats of all breeds.... I chit chat with him, Ismail but deep inside I wasn't very happy! It doesn't look like a clinic to me at all, more like a kitten mill ...

Link to the clinic's website :

Ismail said GARLIC over-groomed herself that's why her sutures didn't heal as expected.

I'll let you guys/gals be the judge of it ...

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