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Default Re: Does this looks like a scam??

Yes, this IS a scam. This is the classic one.

One of many tip-offs: They say the pups are AKC registered. That's the American Kennel Club. How likely do you think it is that Singaporean dogs are AKC registered? NOT. Further, you can't simply courier dogs between S'pore and Malaysia. There are quarantine issues, etc.

If you were to fall for this scam and transfer the RM500 he's asking for, you would get another message saying that more money is needed for something else, and so on. Gullible Malaysians have been scammed for thousands of ringgit this way. Good thing you've questioned it!

Originally Posted by lilmew View Post
I was writing in response to an ad selling yorkie pups for RM300. You can view the link here :

My friend is looking for a yorkie with or without certification, as she just wants it for companionship and not for breeding purpose.

And so I email this person to ask if the dog is still available.
Here's the response i got from the seller :-

Hello good day and,
Thanks for the mail and  your interest toward my lovely babies.. they are
13 weeks old. they are champion bloodline, registered, vet check ,
updated in all shots. well
tamed and potty trained health guarantee, good associate of kids and
other house hold pets and got all his papers including traveling
passports, and I am letting them  go for a free of charge adoption each
they  would come along with the following on delivery.,.


I am Very sorry to let you know that at the moment am not in the city
due to an emergency that came up to me Yesterday morning that my grand
mum who I so much love is seriously sick, This sad news left me with
no choice than to move out of the country to take
care of them and these puppies are right here with me.The reason why I
took them along with me is because I will have to be here for two month
some weeks.This long stay is due to my grand mum critical condition
and there was no body to cater for these puppies  back in the city. I
will really like to give them out to any home that can shower them  with
love and attention cause I can not afford to take proper care of them
since I am after my grand mum illness.

If you cannot come over to Orchard  for the pick up better still. I
you promise to take very good care of the puppies, then I can help you
arrange for a home delivery to drop this puppies at your doorstep
if OK by you. In this case, I will have to use the
pets delivery agency to register the puppies using your details which
will ask bellow. Note that in I using the delivery method, payment
will be upfront before the delivery of your puppies cuz that how  i
got this puppies and that how they work this done so because they need
activate and confirm  the flight of the puppies.This is because the
the delivery agency will need to obtain the payment confirmation code
to  provide and activate the delivery ticket of your puppies and also do
the change of owner ship papers then issue you a home delivery card as
well as you puppies crate matriculation number before delivery.You will
have to pay just 500myr  for the puppies including delivery fee.You will
pay this as an upfront payment directly to the delivery agency after I
must have register your puppies. They will contact you
for you to confirm your address and also direct you on how you will be
making the payment directly to them. I will need the following details
to register the puppies at the courier service depending on when you
will be needing the puppies. So get back with the time you are ready to
have the puppy. If today then fine.I will need,,

YOUR NAMES IN FULL............

YOUR CITY...................

YOUR POST CODE...........



Once I have all these details, I will call on my vet doctor to
process all the puppy's document and the change of ownership will be
done at the delivery agency . You just need to stay at home
and keep an eye on your PC and phone by 9:30am
because when I register the puppies the agency will contact you by then
via email and phone call. please if you are OK with this then get back
as soon as you receive this mail so that we can arrange for the

This is just so weird and wrong. What do you think?
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