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Default For Goodness Sake! Pick up your Dog's POO!!!

You want to own a dog! You want to walk them around your neighbourhood but you just won't make an effort to pick up your own dog's poo and dispose it off properly. Never mind if your dog is small. Poo is still poo! Pick it up for goodness sake! Already some dog haters hate dogs for no reasons so Clean Up after your dog so they won't have an opportunity to come after you and your dogs!

Think about it! Would you like it if another owner's dog poop in front of your gate and then you accidentally step on it? Don't lie if you said you won't be angry. I bet you would be livid! Never mind if your dog poop on the grass patch. Pick it up still! Don't give me the bullshit or dogshit in this instance that you are fertilizing the grass. You are not! You are just contributing to the garbage hazards and doing your dog a disfavour by getting it more enemies!

So, recycled that plastic bag you got from your shopping. Use it to pick up your dog's poo!
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