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Thumbs up Cutie Pet Fair - Nov 21-22, 2009

Dear Members,

Event: Cutie Pet Fair
Location: Central Park, 1 Utama Shopping Mall
Date: November 21 & 22, 2009 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 10am - 6pm

Organized by Petster Magazine, Cutie Pet Fair 2009 (formerly known as Home A Pet) is one of the largest pet adoption drives with the participation of major pet-related NGOs. There will be over 50 exhibitor booths, and you can even bring along your pets and take part in lots of fun challenges! will be participating in the event, and we would like to seek the assistance of volunteers to help out on both days.

Our activities are pretty simple, basically the showcasing of our website's list of pets for adoption via computers, and pets from our certified rescuers that can be adopted on the spot. We will also be providing SPCA and PAWS with our PetFinder vouchers so that adopters for their pets would receive a 50% discount on the spot (up to RM50), subsidized by PetFinder.

################################################## ################<

[ Post-Event Update ]

Our 2-day event has completed successfully. The skies had occasional drizzles and a heavy downpour on Saturday evening, but overall the weather was fine and we managed to promote our adoption cause to many visitors. We have successfully rehomed 6 dogs and 4 cats - a very happy achievement indeed!

I would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers for their extreme dedication and tireless help that made this event possible:

Hun Beng - Very hardworking, one of the earliest to arrive and latest to leave, and generously offering his laptop with wireless broadband connection

Mun - Extremely helpful and dedicated, especially in looking after all the puppies and showcasing them to the visitors

Khairul - Our professional marketer explaining the website to visitors. Also doubled as a model holding big signboards walking around the park.

Hiba - The creative genius who created all the eye-grabbing signboards which successfully drew crowd attention. Very good at handling the puppies who adore her.

Naj - A very enthusiastic and dedicated girl that not only looked after the animals, but attractively pitched our service and pets to the crowd

Alice Lim - Tirelessly transporting the animals to and fro, setting up the cages and handling the adoptions. My deepest respect to this amazing lady.

Juliana - Carnea's friend, who brought some cute puppies for adoption and helped promote adoption awareness to visitors

Sarah & Uzairi - Very dedicated, distributing our brochures to the farthest corners of the park, and attending to the visitor enquiries.

Erma - Very friendly and helpful, assisting our team with distributing brochures and showcasing the website.

Jacqueline - A very knowledgeable person, giving excellent advise to adopters and bringing more dogs to our booth for adoption.

Monkee94 & Bryan - A big thanks for dropping by to help out even when you guys were very busy.

Shan Hui - Our dedicated PR person who promoted PetFinder to every single booth and company at the event, and helping me load the equipment and drive me home after my legs were completely wasted from the Penang Marathon

Catherine, Colina, Lina, Thomas, Charles - A very helpful group of friends that assisted in promoting PetFinder at the park

Everyone else (Sorry, please let me know if I missed out any names) - thanks for helping us promote the event, pay us a visit and doing your part in helping these homeless animals!

Below are event photos I took, hope that it would give our volunteers some wonderful memories to cherish, and to share our happiness with the rest. If you have any additional photos, please feel free to upload them here as well!

Our computer area's setup - 3 laptops with 2 LCD monitors. Hun Beng's even had wireless broadband access to Internet.

Setting up the outside area to showcase cute puppies

Hiba is really good with the puppies. They love lying on her lap!

Feeding the puppies to get them energized before the visitors come

Mun lighting a candle at Furmily to sponsor medication fees of their pets

PAWS, our good friend and booth neighbour. They had some really beautiful hand-made plastic flowers for sale.

SPCA with their attractive assortment of merchandize.. bought an "i love animals" t-shirt from them!

Khairul charming visitors with his enthusiasm and natural flair

This really sweet boy from SPCA is the cutest puppy at the event. He finally got adopted during the closing hour of the event and everyone was so happy!

Alice, who tirelessly transported the dogs and cats over for adoption from Old Klang Road

Hun Beng, Mun and Andy getting ready to showcase PetFinder to visitors

8 fun fair game booths there with sponsored prizes from generous merchants

I managed to down all the tin cans with 1 single ball.. and lost, after finding that I was not supposed to hit the can with the kitty picture!

Mun receiving a grateful kiss from this pretty little girl

A kitty at our booth dozing off while waiting for someone to bring her home

Erma distributing brochures to visitors

Naj taking good care of the cats at our booth

Hiba's creative masterpieces, which successfully attracted many visitors to our booths

Hun Beng and Mun carefully explaining the adoption process to the visitors

Homeless doggies hoping to find loving families at the event. Brought over by Jacqueline, Alice and Juliana.

Carnea, a very dedicated and active pet rescuer, visiting us at our booth

This pretty girl that seems to know how to pose quickly became the center of attention at our booth

First adoption of our event goes to this kind couple! All of us were busy giving the puppy a goodbye kiss as she was leaving.

Kids were seen nagging their parents to adopt the cute pets

Another happy, success story at our booth

This couple literally spent hours at our booth trying to decide whether to adopt Kitten #1 or #2! Luckily, they finally made up their mind.

Our volunteers took turns carrying the cute puppies and signboards walking around the park to attract visitors over to the adoption area

Alice briefing enquirers on the adoption procedures

Visitors crowding around booths giving away freebies

The event emcee, with his jeans rolled up to avoid the mud everywhere

NGOs receiving dog food donation from a generous sponsor

The SPCA heroines - Jacinta, Shahrul and a volunteer

Our volunteers all turned into professional marketers and drew excellent response from the crowds

My friends from UTAR filming the event to promote animal adoptions

William, the hardworking managing editor of Petster Magazine and organizer of this event, giving an interview to the UTAR filming crew

These pups were exhausted after receiving lots of attention

Woof! Take me, bring me home!

This happy boy finally convinced his mum to let him adopt the puppy!

A friendly uncle with his new-found darling.. one more successful adoption!

Naj enjoying a moment with Polka girl

Pet merchants sponsoring dog collars and shirts to our homeless animals

Jacqueline said that this puppy now looks like an office boy

Hun Beng putting on a striking orange shirt for another puppy

A big backdrop with the logos of NGOs

Anyone wanna give this handsome young man some love?

Another successful adoption, by this 2 cute little sisters!

2 more kittens adopted at the final moments before closing our booth!

The PetFinder happy family photo, from left: Andy, Shan Hui, Jacqueline Tsang, Khairul, Mun, Hun Beng, Naj and Hiba

A second family photo of our dearest volunteers, from back left: Naj, Andy, Uzairi, Khairul, Mun, Jacqueline, Hun Beng. Front: Shan Hui, Alice, Sarah

Thank you once again to our volunteers for making this event successful!

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