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Default Re: Scam by QQpoodles or Cyclos Siang!!!

Originally Posted by Jazz View Post
Dear Gisele, I wished I have known this scammer before I purchased the a pom pup just 2 months ago. He just died this week on Tue am, but when I had no reply from him not even a sorry . My question is there no way to liquidate his buisness?? I am also pretty much angry not because of the money spent but we need to put a full stop to these scumbags! Someone should send them back to where they come from! My little pup died of heart murmur, bt at least he lived for few weeks in a good home. I lacked sleep and peace of mind whenever he got sick.

The first week he was alright but the nightmare started then. I went to the vet almost several time and got all the test I could think of. I will also put a review on google on this scumbag. I am so sorry to hear about your own, but I think we need to find out how to get the authorities to stop these pricks from operating. I believe he is still running the shop in Cheras. Please get in touch so we can find a way to stop him from killing all the adorable pups. He is also selling vy young pups without any vaccinations and not a single record ie birth cert etc. You actually went to his shop and bought the pup I believe, how was the condition ?

Hope to hear from you.

Dear Jazz,

First, my sincere condolences on the loss of your puppy.

Unfortunately, there is very little the local laws can do to stop people like this from doing business. In many European countries, it is illegal to sell pets in shops, but that's not the case in Malaysia. The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) can investigate complaints of bad conditions in the shop, but the animal welfare laws are so week that the owner will receive no more than a minimal fine.

So what can you do? Do not buy pets. People like Cyclos Siang (and countless others) stay in business because people continue to buy pets. If there were no demand, there would be no supply.

Pets that you see in shops -- and it doesn't matter what pet shop -- come from back-yard breeders or puppy mills, where breeding animals are kept in squalid, hellish conditions and bred repeatedly to produce puppies and kittens for sale. As you discovered very painfully, these people don't give a damn about the health of the parents or the puppies. They care about getting your money. So don't give it to them! And tell your story to everyone who will listen, so none of your friends or acquaintances will buy pets from shops, either.

So where to get a pet, then? Adopt. Every year, thousands of animals die in shelters or on the streets because there simply are not enough homes for them, and those numbers include both pure-bred and mixed-breed dogs. Visit shelters like SPCA Selangor, PAWS and Paws Mission. Watch the websites and Facebook pages of animal welfare NGOs like Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue, and TNRM. And certainly keep an eye on Petfinder's adoption listings!
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