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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Yes, Clement, it is Pakcu Usual Pet Shop.

Originally Posted by dog is my buddy View Post
I sent Garlic to Pakcu on 1-May-09 for spaying ... yes, it was a promotion rate of RM 90 ... I thought, why not, it should be better since it is considered a "private" vet .

This have concern with Pakcu pet shop always do promotion at
Based on the list of services provided,
I would say probably the "vet" is not a qualified one. But this can be easily checked, I'm sure.

Originally Posted by Maneki Neko View Post
One question: Is there an actual, certified veterinarian at this place (Imadi Pet Shop) doing the spay surgery?

Lupie's experience suggests incompetence; the idea of someone who is not actually a certified vet trying to administer general anesthesia and perform surgery is downright horrifying.
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