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Default Re: A No-Kill Animal Shelter

Originally Posted by rna87 View Post
Thanks Nur Kasih for spreding about Bubu's Shelter.

I'm happy to know that there're more non-killing shelter in Malaysia.

Having paid staff living in the shelter I think is not healthy (based on my experience). Maybe you mean by having staff quarters nearby the shelter. Individual spaces 1.5m x 1.5m? meaning like a cage for them isit? I saw there's this one lady in U.S, she let those cats roam freely on land. Just wanna share with you. . Think it's cheaper if cats/dogs are roam freely. First you train dogs/cats to poo n pee in toilet area (where there's litter box etc). Then, when they pass those training, you can let them roam free. Less smell, easier to work. Don't have to go each and every cage to clean their toilet.

What Furkid say is true. People always lepas tangan.. If can't jaga, send to shelter or dump at the wetmarket. Some rescue from the street, bila tidak larat jaga or their behavior cant be tolerate anymore, they'll send to shelter (because abandoning them back to the street is bad). In a blink of an eye, you're shelter will be full. So, if can do aggressive T-N-R, educate & teach people about their behavior and have trainer a.k.a animal behaviorist will be great.

How bout if animals in your shelter get sick? It's expensive to treat them. I think thats why SPCA euthanize once animals get sick. Maybe you can make business. The profit is your source of money to treat those sick animals.

Just my 2cents.. correct me if I'm wrong
Got another one I always follow in and Happy to read all the good news portrayed and see the photos of the adopters.. Chan Kah Yein wrote about the pet~people read~People adopt... Nice~~ The rescuer happy, the new adopter happy~and the donors happy~~


With such a noble intention..may God bless you.. Know your capability , do the best you can as we cannot take over the world..whatever happens in the world is in the God's Will. We, human, with limitations are not expected to be God, but to carry out God's duty..with the best will in the world..
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