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Default Re: DIY Recycle Paper Cat Litter

Once the spinning is done and the paper is remove from the pillow case, it would be in a form of block like this.

The next step is to break this block into pieces.

Now these paper cat litter is ready for drying. You can bake it at low heat in the oven to speed the drying process but sun heat drying save energy cost.

Final result will change the color of the paper to white, depend on how fine the paper being grained. When contact with urine, the paper litter turned dark.

Only dispose the dark wet paper litter. The litter box is dry and clean all the time. The only odor would be due to the urine stain on the box which can be minimixe using soda bicarbonate else frequent cleaning will do the trick.

Amount of litter should cover 1 inch of the bottom of the litter box.

Dispose soil paper litter into toilet bowl.

You need to prepare and process this paper litter in advance if you intend to use it for you newborn kitten as it cant be use straight away unless you dry bake it in an oven. You'll need large oven for this!

So, thats about it how it all done.

I do my drying on the ceiling deck of my flat apartment as I am staying on top floor. It would take a week to completely get the paper litter to dry. Initially, I made it from day to day until the deck was almost filled with the paper litter. Now, I would only do it, once a while to keep up the stock.

So, good luck in making your own cat litter.
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