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Default Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature

Hi Andy

thanks for posting it here, i got an opportunity to pledge my support.

can you give me the link to articles on "kwai ling go" that uses turtle shell? i have heard this rumour for a long time and had resisted taking kwai ling go because of that. i once asked the kong wor tong proprietor and they said it's from herbal leaves. i went to asked at the various chinese medicinal hall and they said the same thing.

so i ate occasionally kwai ling go from time to time but you can say i hardly eat 5 times in a whole year cos it's a bit too cooling for me.

gee i hope if the rumours are true about kwai ling go being made from ground-up turtle shell, this won't negate my vegetarian vow i've taken for the whole of last year!

anyway, i've never eaten turtle egg and have never been tempted to cos it smacks so much of destroying them at the source - you destroy an egg,you destroy the population.

have already signed the pledge and sent it on for my siblings to read. hopefully they'd sign their pledge too.
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