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Default Re: TAX Exemption + Cat Spaying


We certainly know that you are a genuine rescuer that is doing an excellent job. However, it is our standard policy to disallow any form of fund solicitation, unless it is a registered or well-known organization, which may then include donation details at their profiles.

Please note that it is not sufficient for us to know who you are, as is not in the position to vouch for anyone. The public must be able to independently verify an organization, and receive a proper receipt for their donations.

We have uncovered numerous scams previously, and we do not want to give these scammers another reason to disguise as rescuers and defraud our members.

We hope you understand that this is nothing personal, but a policy that we must enforce for the greater good of the community or it would open up a loophole for other malicious people to abuse.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you all the best in your rescue efforts. This thread will be closed.