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Exclamation My new little RES need helps....


I'm new to this web and i just bought 2 little RES babies. I have place them in a small size of plastic fish tank. i have set up the fish tank with river rocks for them to basking and little bit of water. i have applied the anti-chlorine too into the water.

The problem is i found my RES babies are not eating up to today. I feed them the turtle pellets which i bought from the petshop. They haven't eat a single pellets up to now and they are not active too.. Their eyes kept close all the time.

Today i found their skin are peeling off from their head and legs when i put them into the water. They swim and go back up to the little river rock. I'm only able to see the peeling skins when they swim. Are they infected by fungus or 'RI'?

I have change the water few times because the water came a bit cloudy because of the pellets that i feed them melt in. I'm worried on this and please advice me what should i do.

I have place my fish tank inside my house and i'm living in apartment. I have go through some websites and mentioned that they need UVA /UVB rays. There's a special light for this reptiles to make their body heat for basking purposes. Do i need to have it for my RES? The petshop sales person haven't told me all this..

Please advice and provide me a proper guideline since i doesn't want my little RES to die..
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