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Smile Re: My new little RES need helps....

hi cyap,

Thanks for your wonderfull reply..and your advice.. .. i've been waiting for quite long.. oh.. 7-8 years.. so nice.. they must b big enough..

Yeah,what happened is one of my RES baby is died after few days i posted in this forum.. the other one is survived and start eating.. n i got to knw that it may be coz of enviromental changes.. i manage to find an iodine for the fungus infection from a pet shop in Pandan Indah. The baby RES is in recovering process and found the fungus on his body are reducing and he is actively moving around now. . i have plan to add on another RES once he fully recovered..

Yeah, what you have told is correct.. the pet shop person from Pandan Indah advice me same too.. since i'm staying in condominium, he ask me to place my RES at sun light just for few hours and that will be enough for them. i'm lucky enough coz i'm able to get sunshine at morning up 12pm... so, temporarily i use to place my RES for the sunshine for few hours and after that i will put him back into the tank..

and thanks for the info bout the VET.. its hard to find a VET for reptiles and i will note it down..

By the way, where did you buy the UVB light? Actually i manage bought a light from a aquarium shop and its stated there are UVA & UVB rays in the light and they said it can be used for aqua plant, fishes and turtle. The brand that i bought is "Kington". Is it useable? can u advice me on this? its a hanging type of light in small size and just fit my little tank. its a twi-light( blue and white). I hv notice my RES less basking even the lights are turn on. he always will be in the water or under the dock.

and i need to ask you about the this RES food and diet? what did you feed them? mine are only eating the 'Tubifex worms" (dried tiny worms in cubes) and he doesn't wanna to eat the pellets. ( Brand -Aquadine). Shall i change the other pellets? i try to not feed him a day and after that i feed him the pellet but he still never eat the pellets.. i try this method after i saw some videos in youtube but it doesn't work at all.. i felt pity and i feed him the cube worms back.. but as read and watch some videos, they need a perfect diet.. need some advice...

sorry if i am asking too many question.. its hard to find those who are having RES as pets.. and your consider a senior teach this Junior..
awaiting for your reply..
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