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Wink Re: My new little RES need helps....


i'm glad too to have you over here.. ohh, you mean that you haven't buy the UVB light yet? hehehe.. actually it's hard to find but you may use the Aqua light which produce UVA & UVB rays. Mine are the small one for mini aquarium. its not a hanging type actually, its like to fix on the side of aquarium. you may fix it to your custom made aquarium or your plastic box too. i have attach the sample.. you may check it.

oh, you had feed them with correct food diet to them such as advised in the youtube and other turtle websites.. that's great.. ok, i will try to do the same but my RES doesn't want to eat the pellets at all.. only Tubifex worms cubes.. i think i should train my RES more to eat natural foods as yours. might be i try to change the pellets too.. (Nutrafin- as you mentioned) but mine are still baby, is it possible to feed him such natural food? i haven't try any natural food yet... so should i put him on hunger and feed him as been advised in the youtube? any idea "How To Train My RES?"

Yes, you are right its Petsmart in Pandan Indah. they really professional in aquatic pets. they the one advice me that the aqua light can be used too but i never buy from them because its too expensive there. i bought the anti fungus iodine from them. its works but takes time..still recovering.. the fungus on the skin disappearing.. but yesterday i found a tiny white dot on the shell, is it fungus too? shall i brush it? i have no idea why it's been infected.. i clean my aquarium once a day or twice a day. (use to feed my RES in different mini tank, which i used for place him under sunshine)

i apply the anti-chlorine into the water too before i place my RES into it.. as per the pet-shop advise they said the anti-chlorine for fish can be used too. but you mentioned that need to keep the water for at least 3 days to de-chlorine the water.. hmm.. do you mean that if i used this method, doesn't need to apply the anti-chlorine? please correct me if i'm wrong.... advice me on how to treat the tap water..

hahah.. i think my RES is a male.. (the tail and nail are long).. hehe.. as i read it the web and youtube, they mentioned as same but difficult to know the gender until they reach 3 years and above.. not sure on this too.. correct me if i'm wrong.. hehehe...

so, you have bought the custom made aquarium in Petsmart, how much it cost you? and for the UVB light, you may check in the Mid Valley- Petshop.. as i heard they are licensed dealer to have repltiles and they must be having the equipment's but the price must be quite expensive... even i too plan to have a better aquarium..but i have no place in my house..( already have 2 aquariums with tropical fish and a mini Fountain pond with guppies)..
so, my RES aquarium i park it under one of my aquarium.. this are small size of plastic aquarium and no filter fix yet..

hahaha.. your a perfect senior man... thanks for sharing it.. since its hard to find those who having turtle as pets. Are you sure they will yawn like us? ..haven't see it before... and their eyelids close from down to up? oh.. you have done a research man!! appreciate it!! ..
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