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Default Re: where i can get frozen mice...

Originally Posted by janggut7 View Post
im staying at ipoh....which place can i find for frozen mice thanx a lot...----plez inform via my cellphone 0194773600
Hi, Janggut -- I don't know where in Ipoh you can find frozen mice, so I can't help there, but if you are feeding them to a snake, be sure they are COMPLETELY thawed, yes? A frozen mouse -- even partly frozen -- can be fatal to a reptile.

And tlllastar (and other rodent lovers), sorry, but I don't know of any substitute. I went through this when I agreed to care for a friend's boa constrictor for a year. The boa would eat only live rats. The nearby pet shop belonged to a married couple who argued about whether to sell me rats to feed the snake: he said yes, she said no. (I hope my boa and I didn't end their marriage! ) Anyway, he won the argument, and I bought a rat or 2 or 3 every week. The only consolation is this: the snake killed the rats so quickly and efficiently that they never suffered. In fact, most of them walked fearlessly up to the snake. Perhaps being bred in captivity, they had no instinctive fear of it? Anyway, they never knew what hit them.
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