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Default Re: where i can get frozen mice...

Originally Posted by tlllastar View Post
Yalor... sad sad

But then, it IS their food chain in the wild.... snakes eating rodents...

The boa only need to eat 2-3 times a week?
The boa actually ate once a week, but as it grew bigger, it needed more than 1 rat. It had its meal on Saturday, then spent the week digesting.

When it started eating 3 rats at 1 meal, the vet told me it was time to start feeding larger prey -- she recommended rabbits.

I know this is nature: snakes and other carnivores eat things like rodents and rabbits. I, however, could not bear the thought of buying a bunny to feed to the snake. Lucky for me, the boa's owner returned home, and I returned his snake and passed on the vet's advice.

Again, we can take comfort that snakes -- at least boas & pythons -- are very quick, efficient killers. Their prey does not suffer.
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