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Default where i can get frozen mice...

Do u remember many years ago, an ular sawa swallow a man?? After 1 week,the snake spit back the man.Boy!! I was terrified looking at the picture of the dead man.I can still remember clearly the picture

Originally Posted by Maneki Neko View Post
The boa actually ate once a week, but as it grew bigger, it needed more than 1 rat. It had its meal on Saturday, then spent the week digesting.

When it started eating 3 rats at 1 meal, the vet told me it was time to start feeding larger prey -- she recommended rabbits.

I know this is nature: snakes and other carnivores eat things like rodents and rabbits. I, however, could not bear the thought of buying a bunny to feed to the snake. Lucky for me, the boa's owner returned home, and I returned his snake and passed on the vet's advice.

Again, we can take comfort that snakes -- at least boas & pythons -- are very quick, efficient killers. Their prey does not suffer.
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