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Default Re: Post your Picture Thread

.:: Might be... Beggers in malaysia can earn almost or more than 1k in a month... (Fact in local newspaper) If we stay in Venice, how much could we get??? HHhhhmmm... Better be a beggers than workers... ::.

Originally Posted by BellXun View Post
Its very nice there. Supprisingly there is alot of halal restaurant there too. mainly in the touristy areas/ streets.. I stayed there for 4 days... :) lived inland... took a 45min train into Venice with friends everymorning... well if u are going... becareful of pickpockets, i heard there is alot althought we never encouter any... and i think 80% of the people there in Venice are tourists... the other 20% are shopkeepers and workers... they say in Venice itself its imposible to live....too exp... so no locals live there... maybe beggers do... haha


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