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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

oh my after reading all this then i started to realize..its soo true.this is like a wake up call for god.i never had any problems picking up cats from anywhere as i love animals dearly no matter what breed they are..but my mother is quite picky about picking up cats..she only wanted some pure breeds that is pretty with long fur and everything and mostly we have to buy it at the shops rite....i remembered keeping a domestic kittens a few times..when i went back to campus she quietly put them away at the pasar area..she didnt tell me but silently i know..i hope i could change this kind of first i wanted to buy a kitten from the shop but then to think of it..i dont have to right..i can just adopt today i went to the SPCA in ampang jaya..rushed there through traffic jam and made it 30mins b4 it closes..fuihh..and checked up the cats..decided to adopt after raya.. cant wait..i dont care if they don like if its just a local cat..i'll take care of it till it becum gemok sangat then they will know..
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