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Exclamation Need Help with Settling In a New Cat

Hi everybody,

I just got a mixed British shorthair yesterday and I know it's still a little too early to ask, but I was just curious as my cat isn't eating or drinking, or pooping or peeing for that matter! (Btw, do most cats drink out of a water bowl? Cause I bought a water bottle with roller ball) But right now, I replaced the food bowl with water instead since he hasn't taken a bit from the bottle. :/

I'm new to raring a cat so I'm a little worried for the little guy. He's 5 months old already, and the lady at the pet store said that he's already litter-trained.

I got him everything he needs (food bowl, litter box, scratch-pole) and the best thing is, I got the exact same food and litter that the store used. He just wouldn't react to them.

I read online that when bringing home a new cat, you have to keep it in a quiet, closed room so it feels safe. Problem is, I'm actually staying in a rented room where I'm most of the time in it. I don't make much noise, perhaps my presence is stressing him out? He's in a cage, where I leave the door open when I'm in, and close it when I'm out. The litter is outside the cage, next to it. I gave it a scarf(blanket) too.

I give it a few pets sometimes before I visit the toilet and before I leave the room to go out, but he seems so afraid still. Can't blame that cause he's still new. I know I have to be patient.

Anyone can give me a tip or something? Cause I'm worried if it persists, I'll have to bring him to the vet.
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