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Default Re: Need Help with Settling In a New Cat

Originally Posted by Jyuri View Post
No, the litter isn't right beside it. Though sometimes now I tend to just shove all the needs in the cage when I go out. Just yesterday morning, I left the litter box in the toilet cause it stunk, and Nobu peed on the carpet I gave him to sleep on! I'm so worried he just might poopthe next time I sleep and not give him the litter.

P/S: I usually put him in the cage when I'm out or sleeping cause I don't know what he'll do when I'm not watching him.

He meows a lot at nights when my and my room mate is sleeping. Still don't know why. :/

Thank you ilhamology for the reply. I refused to use wet food but I was about to feed him that and the 4th day, I found out that he was taking nibbles at the dry food he usually eats. That move of his made me keep the wet food away. Hehehe.
Jyuri, you said you left the litter box in the toilet "because it stunk, and Nobu peed on the carpet...!"

1. Cats have very keen senses of smell, much sharper than humans'. If the litter box is not cleaned at least once a day, of course your cat will refuse to use it! Do you enjoy using filthy toilets?

2. You said you removed the litter box and the cat peed on the carpet. Where should he go? Cats need access to clean litter boxes 24 hours a day. They cannot be trained to urinate or defecate only during scheduled hours.

3. Wet food, although often more expensive, is generally far better for the health of your cat. It's no surprise that Nobu would choose wet food over dry biscuit. If you withhold any food, your cat will eventually eat whatever you put down, but is that how you want to keep your pet healthy and happy?

It sounds to me like you're not taking Nobu's needs very seriously. Please either do some reading about good cat care or speak with friends who have experience. If you continue in this fashion, you will set yourself (and Nobu) up for failure. Cats can be enormously loving companions, but you need to be responsible in tending to their needs, too!
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