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Default Re: Need Help with Settling In a New Cat

Originally Posted by Jyuri View Post
Hi Maneki Neko,

I clean the litterbox everytime, right after he does his business. But I just can't seem to figure out why does the litterbox still stinks. >.<" It's not that I don't keep him clean, perhaps it's the litter that the pet store lady recommended to me that isn't high quality. But now, I spend extra time to pick out all the 'wet-looking litter' though I waste some that hasn't even come close to the pee or poo, but that seems to be working fine for me. Tried using the odor-away spray but that didn't work too. Haha.

Regarding him peeing on the carpet, I didn't expect he would do so as he peed about 6 hours before he did that. During the day, when the litterbox is right there, he didn't use it for about 16 hours! So I thought we wouldn't have done that but who knew? Cats are so unexpected.

About the food, he's eating perfectly fine for now, though I've consulted my mum's friend and she recommended me to feed him with Royal Canin in which I'm yet to try cause I just bought him a huge load of the pet store's pet food in which Nobu is comfortable with. It's gonna take time, but of course I want the best for him.

Thank you for your reply! Really appreciate it. :)

Hi, Jyuri -- I owe you an apology. My first reply was harshly worded.

Regarding the litter box, here is an article by a vet on litter boxes, why cats sometimes refuse to use them, etc. It has some excellent info on things you might want to try:

The same web site, by the way, has superb info on cat nutrition. A lot of info, to be sure, but it's worthwhile. :-)

Yes, cats are fussy creatures. I've read a lot of advice on getting them to eat which include trying different bowls and plates, putting the food in different locations, and mixing different types of food together. One other thing to consider is your cat's health -- as the vet who writes the web site says, wet food is closer to the animal's natural diet, but also, cats will be reluctant to eat biscuit if they have a toothache, simply because it's painful. An annual visit to the vet for a physical checkup is always a good idea, too.

Best wishes to you and Nobu...
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