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Default Re: Sea Fish Aquarium Photos - show off yours!

Originally Posted by dinmalek View Post
Wow...that is big....still have it in the pond or sudah jual..?
Ezer, I might have no knowledge of this cat-fish the so called African Cat-fish..?
Cross my mind..this is also about Cat isnt it...hahaha
Yup, this is a CAT-Fish.. haha... so, how appropriate to post it on this mainly cat forum now.. haha..


Anyways, yah, my brother has a mechanic who likes to go fishing in wild and large lakes and sometimes he catches these humongous cat-fishes and he'll put them in my pond cause there're no other place to put em..

I used to have 2 ponds, each about the size of a football field..

And my old house/farm land has been sold. I donated my 1000s of japanese carp, and all the other fishes including the cat fish to A'Farmosa. So, if you go to A'Farmosa, at the Swimming area or the Safari area (can't remember), you'll see a clear water pond with lots of japanese carps.. they are mostly from my pond.

Also, the other fishes like the cat-fish is in their lake there..
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