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Angry Oh, humans are so cruel.

Recently, I slept over at my aunt's house. My aunt told me something that made me seriously pissed off. My aunt told me that her neighbour's children completely cut off their cat's whiskers. Not only that, but they tie her up at the neck when they bathe her so she won't run away.

I know it might not sound like a big deal to some people, but it is to me. The poor kitty has to suffer because it doesn't have whiskers anymore. Don't they know that cat's need their whiskers to keep them alert? And why would they tie her up? If you don't know how to bathe it, send the kitty for grooming.

When my aunt confronted their mother about it, the mother got angry and was like, it's none of your business. I pity the kitty. It's probably suffering so much right now. I can't imagine what they do to the kitty when it's inside the house.
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