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Default Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

This 'she' you mentioned here, I think I know her.

Who is this animal shelter cum petshop cum opportunist?? I think forumers must be inform abt them also.

One more need to be expose is certified breeder working with BYB.

They close their eyes to activities that are totally against everything they claim to believe in. For example, there is even one so-called animal rescuer who I understand is a BYB herself, but would never admit to that, and would even tell everyone that she is anti-BYB. If being upset at such hypocrisy is considered judgemental, then I guess we have different definitions on what judgemental is.

Second, it seems that there is another type of animal rescuer. This type opens an animal shelter, and then starts a pet shop. Tells all the customers about the animal shelter and asks them if they would like to donate to the shelter. The customers felt obligated, and so bought more pet food which they left behind with the pet shop owner for her animal shelter. What do you call this?? Sincere animal rescuer??!! Sounds more like an opportunist to me.
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