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Default Re: Where is the best Malay food?

Originally Posted by illa79 View Post
blackie do you like ayam goreng berempah?there's one stall near my office that sells good nasi kukus and ayam goreng rempah..comes with kuah kari and sambal belacan as well..simply yummylicious!! its at cafe Jumpa,behind Life Centre on Jln Sultan Ismail.I once had the nasi for 5 days in a row,it was so yummy!!
YES! YES! Thanks....I'll go try it out.........

Originally Posted by lynielime View Post
I'm not sure if malay thai food counts as malay food.. But for me vicchuda in damansara uptown is the best. I love the sup ekor, telur bungkus and kerabu sotong.. Yummy..
My hubby loves sup ekor..........we actually love any Malay food, except Mamak. If it's Mamak, we prefer it to be pure Indian know even those Indian food stalls are better than the Mamak's. For some reason, something is missing in the mamak's food.

Thanks, everybody......I'm so glad I asked....I've written down all these places and my hubby and I are going to check out these places, one by one.....yum-yum......can't wait.......
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