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Unhappy Re: Kittens: Hand over to SPCA or rehome them myself?

Originally Posted by ms pasola View Post
shima,ape kate awak iklankan gambar2 kucing tu semua dalam PF ni..insyaAllah, akan ade la rezeki diorang tu nanti..pada pendapat saye, serahkan kpd SPCA tu biarlah jalan yang terakhir...macam yang awak sedia maklum, dekat sane pon mmg da banyak kucing2 yang tggu utk di adopt..jadi kite usaha la cara yang lain dlu utk cr tuan baru utk kucing2 tu..ape2pun, iklankan dlu gamba diorang dekat sini,ye?
Thank you for replying.

I've put all of them up on here for adoption (check my pet profiles). So far none has come forward to open their home to the kittens.

It's very difficult for me to go around or I would have gone to good neighbourhood areas asking if anyone would like to keep them day after day. So you see I'm running out of time and resources. None of my friends can keep them either, we're all students.

I live in a flat and no one there is willing to keep the kittens, or I wouldn't have found them in the first place. Someone would have taken them in.
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