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Default Re: She's so cunning!

I agree with you lynielime.we human with brain must find a solution not the other way round. I'm not fan of dog but don't hate them. I can't stand their smell.

Originally Posted by lynielime View Post
i don't understand how anyone can say they hate cats or any other animal species. how can you HATE another living being? perhaps their behavior doesn't agree with you. but i hope you realize that these animals are only doing what comes naturally to them and for cats, that includes perching on high places such as your cars. that is one way they make themselves feel more secure.. by having a birds eye view of the environment around them.

rather than complain about it why not take some preventive measures? pet stores sell cat and dog repellant sprays for people who want to keep animals away from their property. these are only about 25 ringgit per can. i buy them as well to keep my cats away from the dining table and to stop them from scratching the rugs. these sprays are also supposed to stop stray dogs and cats from using your garden as their own personal toilet.

i hope that helps some of you dog and cat haters out there!
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