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Default Re: 英小猫捱过洗衣机酷刑

You have your own opinion your think. Kalau nak baca sendiri buat lah translator. 1 malaysian like PM Najib tak kena dengan forum ini, apa masalah awak? Apa awak cakap ini create another racial issues here? Kalau boleh jangan baca, jika ada masalah.

Originally Posted by verilus View Post
bravo bro.... u succesfull create another racial issues here.. i think better u or moderator can create 1 special thread for chinese language here. hahaha... dont post here la if u dont want to be ' 1 malaysian like PM Najib said..huhuhu..

maybe u mislook or something.. there alot lot lot/thousand of any kind translator inside the net.. special translate for any mmbers for r not chinese..


(London 11 integrated power), British newspapers reported Yonhap: a kitten recently entered the United Kingdom of a washing machine, its owner unknowingly opened the machine, but the kitten had to go through a whole laundry procedures survived, staggering vitality.

Toby was born a small black cat, only seven weeks, the owner, who lives in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It recently opened the door to heat the washing machines slipped into the fight, completely ignorant of the fact the owner, the same boot. Toby was 30 degrees Celsius laundry water torture the entire laundry process, the owner found it quickly after it sent Dayton Kirk Veterinary Clinic Veterinary Center, clinic staff for its warmth and the provision of oxygen.

Veterinary McLaren said that Toby was unconscious, severely low body temperature, it is clear water to swallow a lot of laundry, and laundry may also be due to the strong rotating barrels and suffering from fractures and internal injuries. Toby has recovered, there is no long-term injury, has returned home with his mother and four brothers and sisters again.
Washing machines were stirred British kitten torture "Toby
Sinorama Journal

p/s: lu pk la sendriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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