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Default Re: Kelana jaya veterinary clinic thrown dead body cat into dustbin!!

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post
Yes, it could be a possiblities that the parvo virus could have infected the 4 kittens.
Diseases like FIP, FIV, Parvo just to name a few are very deadly diseases as the virus are airborne. Just with a sneeze another cat can be infected besides sharing a food bowl or litter box. If Dr. Intan is very hygiene consious, and disinfect her clinic, boarding area with clorox then maybe chances of the virus to spread is minimal. Forgot to mention that the FIP/ FIV virus can survive for at least 6 months! So if there is previous cats that has this virus definitely it can transmit onto new cats that enter the boarding house. So as cats owners, its very important for us to make sure that the boarding house is CLEAN and looks HYGENIC for the safety of our pets. actually we have to see that boarding area first laa i think we need to open 1 thread to list up where can we find the clean boarding house. kan?kan? one day nk tengok2 lah boarding site kt KJVC ni...sbb tak pernah ke sana
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