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Default Re: Kelana jaya veterinary clinic thrown dead body cat into dustbin!!

Originally Posted by Badrul65 View Post
Do you have the proof arr? got picture of them throwing the nice persian cat body into the trash ? i also can say i saw somebody chopping some pregnant cat head off and eat it...but i got no proof, coz i just SAW or HEARD...same thing here la bro....anybody can say anything or talk bad stuff bout ppl ...its a forum after all....-peace-
hi badrul65. thank you for your concerned. obviously i have no picture, video or proof to attach here and share with with guys.

yes, anyone can share almost anything about their experience here. same goes to me. i just shared my experienced. Up to the person if want to believe it or not.

People do mistake i believe. But in this case throw a dead cat body to a thrash a silly mistake? no i think.
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