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Originally Posted by BellXun View Post
HEllo tutu and Welxome.

Did u see me that day?? hmmm stupid question, ofcourse u did, I was there most of the time. but anyway, Welcome welcome, Hope u enjoy the company here. We talk about anything and everything, from eating dog meat to eating curry. from saving pets to abusing pets. From blacklisting pet abuser to complementing pet lovers. From petrol price to goreng pisang, etc etc. So Please Enjoy~.

And Have Fun.

(Well I wish my Guana can have more killer instint. even an ant will scare her till she run for cover under the sofa =.=")
I think I saw you that day. Can't remember actually. Hehe! is the girl with the afghan hound name acsyens? how to contact her ar? i want to adopt another dog actually. my tut very lonely and eventhough i do bring her out to dog events, she is still very lonely and always want to plays with other dogs. even with the dogs in my neighborhood. but i want a small dog. but if that afgahn is for adoption then maybe i will consider hiom. haha! just kidding.
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