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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad: Compare For Yourself

Yeap, Adobe Flash is indeed a very important software. Apple just won't work closely with them.

Originally Posted by dog is my buddy View Post
Welcome. Adobe Flash very important for internet. Too bad this ipad cannot use as mobile phone. Miss one this function.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab look like can use as mobile phone.

Devices from Apple somehow have this good smooth scrolling better than any other touch screen devices, playing games with an iPad sure gives a superb impression. Can't wait to try the Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Originally Posted by AndyKoh View Post
If you like gaming or quick reading, then iPad definitely gives you a smooth and fun experience, with some 50,000+ iPad apps to choose from, or 380,000+ if you count the iPhone ones as well. I use it mostly to read news, magazines and play some games (I like the adventure & rpg style ones hehe).. I find that it's great and comfortable for media consumption, but not for creation (i.e. word processing, image editing) which still performs best on computers and laptops. For long, serious reading, Kindle is still the best as it doesn't cause any glare or strain your eyes, and is way lighter than the iPad.
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