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Default Re: Kindle & e-Book Reader Review

Originally Posted by Marcelleve View Post
I will check MPH or in Low Yat's place for e-book reader as well.
Hi, Eve --

I've been casually looking at e-book readers all round KL over the past few months. There is very little in Low Yat, surprisingly. I found one shop there that sells the iRiver (about RM1200). So,unless you're going to Low Yat for other things, I'd give it a miss.

The best variety in e-book readers I found was at the MPH Books in Mid Valley Megamall. They can show you both versions of the iRiver (one with keypad, the other with touchscreen), a BenQ, and a HanLin V60. Personally, (and unusually for me ) I liked the least expensive -- the HanLin -- the best. I thought the display was easiest on the eyes. It felt intuitive to use, and I liked the keyboard. I'm a bit nervous about quality, because it's a little known brand made in China. I know that not everything made in China is shoddy, but I can't find much information about this company. And the HanLin V60 is RM900. That still feels like a lot of money for an unfamiliar brand and a device of this type.

The Kindle seems to be of good quality, I like the features, it's getting great reviews, and Amazon's selling it for the equivalent of RM430. As Andy said, Amazon will not ship the Kindles to Malaysia, or to several other countries. I believe it's due to Malaysia's weak copyright laws and history of copyright infringement. Don't get me started on that topic, because I get so angry. Amazon refuses to sell media to us legally, and then they wonder why there is so much bootlegging?!?

I'll be meeting an American friend in Istanbul in a few months, so I'll probably order a Kindle, ask Amazon to ship it to her US address and then ask her to bring it to Turkey when we meet.

It's funny, just the other day I wondered to myself whatever happened with Miwako. So you're adopting her! That's great news. I bet the folks at ManekiNeko Cattery will breathe more easily knowing that. Congratulations! Do I understand you've also adopted a DSH in Langkawi? So is 3 your grand total? I'm looking forward to photos of one and all.

Happy New Year!
Amanda, Maneki & Crumpet
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