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Default Re: Cat Suckling Study Psychological Effects

Originally Posted by nurkasih View Post
went to SPCA the other day ( finally!)... I dukong one big boy..he's sucking my shirt .. can hear the sound 'serp..serp..serp'..betul-betul sucking and basah bahu i.. I let him go and whenever I squad down to pat the others, he climbed up and suck my lower shirt..again!..then tak sampai hati..dokong lagi..biar dia isap.. the SPCA people said ''dia memang mama's boy'.. because of him. i will be going back to visit la..
Hahahaa! Kasih, nasib baik dekat bahu yg basah bukan kat tetek, aku punyer boboy sometimes dive in dan hisap aku punyer tetek (pandai lak dia cari!) dan basahkan my shirt. Cepat-cepat tukar baju takut nanti orang pikir dis guy "kinky samtiang rong" dan pikir macam-macam lak! ... and no auntie will let her daughter marry me .... ...

Hey kawan, I like your quote mucho la: ""No heaven will not ever Heaven be unless my cats are there to welcome me."

I will enter the Gates of Heaven and let everyone knock me down flat as they all jump on top of me and gomol me with joy ...
"We organized in the past to make Trap-Neuter-Return possible. Today, we organize to make Trap-Neuter-Return the norm and to end the unnecessary killing of cats in animal shelters across the country and provide humane care." - Alley Cat Allies
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