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Default Re: Unnecessary and cruel -Dog ear cropping and tail docking

you know, the problem isnt all with stupid owners.. also with stupid sellers and breeders.. like what we have in the listings.. stupid DOGHOUSEI.. have you seen how disfigured the dogs she sell!!! BLOODY ME! i would so love to crop your stupid face!!! maybe i need to rephrase, i bet you all understand, its not about stupidity.. its compassion. they are just wicked and ignorant and i dont know, the good part of their heart or "sense" is totally screwed.. hell, its a payback for everybody and i cringe at the thought of the payback.. losing a hand at a factory someday? a miserable death? i dont know.. but no one, i repeat.. NO ONE.. goes unscathed for their deeds.. including me for my rude words here hehehe.. well its worth it to vent my anger!! BLIMEY!
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