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Default Re: Angel and her three little kittens in need of a loving home


7 weeks + 6 days later.........

All three kittens were adopted, and you'd thought the story ends happily ever after.

However, Jimmy learned that the lady that took one of the boys was not willing to neuter him when the time comes.

Her first excuse was she wanted to kawin (mate) him first before neutering him. When Jimmy objected to that, and reminded her of his terms and conditions for giving her the free kitten, she gave the excuse that it is against Islam to neuter a cat.

Well, since it's against her religion, he can't do anything to force her to neuter him. Since he doesn't want her to sin against her religion, he went to her home and took the kitten back.

But "home" at Jimmy's is not all rosy....his mummy (the mother cat) didn't recognize him when he came back, and she hissed at him and rejected him. He has to be separated from his mummy. Hopefully, his mummy will remember him soon.

Now, he's available once more to a loving home.

Hurry, as he's a very gorgeous kitten. He's very furry & cuddly, and vocal, too. I believe he has the potential to be a top winner in a cat show under Household Pet Category.

P/s: Sorry for the lack of sharpness of picture. I just learned that if a pet moves around a lot, I am not supposed to use the Pet auto shooting mode, but to set my camera to a custom setting, with a faster shutter mode.

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